Thinking about meeting aliens again

Camden Benesh
4 min readMay 27, 2022


Let's talk about it…

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

With all the current events going on in the world, which I often think about while biking to class, I ponder when these aliens will come and how everyone will really react. In a way, it’s become something I’m actually looking forward to if they do come within my lifetime that is. I’m kind of banking on the fact that they will, maybe even on my birthday, which would totally make my day.

But what is it about the news of aliens coming to Earth that brings this curious energy out of me? The unknown?

Well, as you may know, we as a society are very plugged in. When I go to Youtube and watch people playing video games I enjoy, it’s oftentimes there I see breaking news coverage about Russia and Ukraine or say another gunman shooting people. The accessibility and quickness that the internet provides in delivering news are insane, news does really travel fast. I totally take this for granted, I think we all do.

But it’s with these bike rides and seeing news so easily accessible, that I often think and ponder how I might react when the news headlines read, “First Alien Discovered in the Atlantic Ocean” or “Unidentified ship continues to hover over downtown L.A.” It’s something that I don’t think I’ll know how I will respond and yet I desire it. I know I’d probably be hyped because class might be canceled because it might an invasion, in which, I might think, “well this is time to be alive right now” and then proceed to screenshot the news broadcast on my phone 20 times before the FBI takes down the feed.

I think the rest of humanity probably shares the same thoughts just as well, humanity hasn’t really had this type of news really ever, so the news will be historic and go down in time.

I might just not really be prepared for the moment emotionally or mentally. I can picture it now, I get out of class and I’m walking to the bus when all of a sudden everyone on Instagram is talking about these aliens. I stand there stunned by this event, “it’s finally happened” I can picture myself staring into my phone screen looking for answers.

But this is all hypothetical of course but I just can’t help but think about the unknown, I think it’s human nature to find and see out the unknown. A hero’s journey isn’t usually discovering the 2 blocks past your neighborhood, it’s looking and voyaging into something you can’t prepare for.

Like how I might not be prepared to face an alien head-on, what would I do?

When riding my bike pondering all this alien talk, often sleep-deprived after a night of watching “essential” Youtube videos, I think about dying by an alien’s hand or whatever they have. Assuming these aliens hate us which they might not but if they do and they have intentions of war and wiping out humanity, and they landed on your way to school and killed you, at least you’d be in the history books. Somewhat a hot take here I know, I think defeating these aliens and saving the Earth like a hero would be more memorable but I’m speaking more realistically here. Being slain by an alien might be cooler?

Mr. Benesh was the first victim to fall to the hands of the oppressive aliens and really the initiation of the human-alien war. I can see the news headlines now.

You’re ripped to shreds by this alien, I know it sucks, but hey at least your famous. You will literally be a part of probably one of the most important things humanity has done, or come into contact with. The secrets of the universe are partially revealed and you fall victim to it, a mere sacrifice but a small step in understanding the universe.

The thoughts that run through my head waiting for the light to turn green at 9 am right?

One way or another, either dying by the aliens or being friends with them, we will be able to understand the universe that is ever-expanding a little bit more. It’s what makes me write these types of articles honestly because while I may come across as somewhat out there, think about the scale of the universe. Like really just think about it for a second while you read this, just how the thought of small we are in this universe is scary but cool. There has to be a lifeforce out there, we can’t be the only ones. I heard a quote that goes something like this, “I don’t know what’s scarier, knowing we are the only lifeforms in the universe or knowing there are others.”

Without getting too deep into things I don’t really know that much about space, time, and the final frontier, I for one think meeting aliens would be cool. Now, if they are hunting us down, not the vibe but at least we will have confirmation of their existence, that’s cool, right?

So as I think about the aliens out there and maybe they’re here already, I wouldn’t know if they were unless they told me, I just want them to come sooner rather than later. They might just end our world as we know or maybe we could work together as a unit and uncover the mysteries of the universe together.

I know you guys are out there, so I will say that I do come in peace and I will not die at your hand, I’ll try to fight if you swing first. I don’t want to fight because I feel like if you guys come to Earth, we can do something bigger than ourselves and learn more about each other.

One day, all these stories and theories that seem so science fiction about the perception of aliens have to come true. We might just need it.

I can only hope.